Muhammadiyah is an Islamic organization in Indonesia. Muhammadiyah, means ‘followers of Muhammad’ in Arabic. The organization was founded in 1912 by Ahmad Dahlan in the city of Yogyakarta as a reformist socio-religious movement based on his genuine interpretations on Al-Ma’un, one of the surahs (chapters) in the Koran. The main value of the surah is to help those in poverty and orphans. Currently Muhammadiyah is the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with 29 million members, spread in all over Indonesia from national level to community level. Muhammadiyah actively shapes the politics of Indonesia; however Muhammadiyah is not a political party, instead devoting itself to social and educational activities. Muhammadiyah currently runs many charities and services, including nearly 8,000 educational facilities, over 450 medical service units, 11,000 religious facilities and 500 residential facilities for vulnerable groups.

June 2013: Muhammadiyah have recently run a pilot of our social work assessment tool which aims to identify and build upon good practice in the existing system. Read more