Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica (CBRJ)

Country: Jamaica

Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica (CBRJ) supports children with disabilities and their parents, preventing them from separating and assisting them in staying together as a family.

In Jamaica children with disabilities are often discriminated against, and for families that are already struggling to live under the poverty line, the pressure can often prove too much.

CBRJ’s main focus is to keep children with disabilities in family-based care. They provide a range of interventions including supporting parents to campaign for themselves, and for the rights of their children. CBRJ knows that the best place for a child to grow is with a loving family so also works with existing institutions to reintegrate children with families.



CBRJ provides community-based rehabilitation, day care centres, encourages inclusive education and trains professionals to ensure that children receive the very specific type of support they need.

CBRJ has a strong commitment to the empowerment of families, equipping them with the knowledge to ensure that the rights of their children are considered. They also help them to run services and associations, supporting each other to be able to take better care of their children.

The organisation recognises the importance of listening to the voices of the children they support, especially when it comes to decisions about how best children with disabilities can be helped. They involve children in their campaigning and advocacy, including actively influencing the Jamaican government to close down institutions and promoting more inclusive education.

Among other activities, CBRJ:

  • Supports developmental assessment and early intervention, (including identifying sensory, motor and learning disabilities)  for children from birth to 6 years old
  • Provides psychological assessment, therapeutic intervention and referral services for children with disabilities
  • Facilitates training for parents and encourages peer support groups on child development for children with disabilities

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