Country: Indonesia
Established: 1912

Closing institutions in Indonesia

Muhammadiyah is an Islamic organisation in Indonesia founded in 1912 as a reformist socio-religious movement based on Al-Ma’un, one of the surahs (chapters) in the Koran. The main value of the surah is to help those in poverty and orphans.

It is the second largest Islamic organisation in Indonesia and runs nearly 8,000 educational facilities, over 450 medical service units, 11,000 religious facilities and 500 residential facilities for vulnerable groups. As such a large organisation the government consults them as standard practice giving their social programme, MPS, significant influence over government policy and practice.


Indonesia has over 8000 child residential care facilities whose residents often have parents. Muhammadiyah devotes itself to social and educational activities. In particular, their social programme, MPS, is keen to find find alternatives to residential care and new methods to promote family-based care.

They provide support to vulnerable families through preventative services and want residential care facilities converted into community centres. MPS also works to ensure that no new residential care facilities are built through educating its district staff in preventative care solutions.


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We are Family

We are 24 organisations from 23 countries across the world united by our common vision of a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family.

We are thought leaders, innovative practitioners and social entrepreneurs leading organisations with a proven track record in child care and protection. We listen to the voices and needs of the children and families that we work with.

We want to make institutional care a last resort for children in Indonesia who cannot remain with their own families – for this we need both the backing of the government and society in general.

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