Country: Morocco 
Established: 2006 

Side by side with single mothers and for the future of their children

100% Mamans support single mothers and their children in order to empower these women and prevent child abandonment.

Their work addresses a key issue in Morocco where sexual relations outside of marriage are criminalised. Social rejection and stigmatisation of single mothers, one third of whom are adolescents, leads to social rejection of their children and high levels of child abandonment.

100% Mamans work to reduce the social exclusion of single mothers and their children through a variety of services.


Their residential centre provides a temporary home for young women at the most critical time; from the 8 month of their pregnancy. The women stay for an average of 4 months and have access to medical care, and life-skills workshops, giving them time to prepare for an independent life.

The 100% Mamans Day Centre provides ongoing services to young mothers including psychological support, child vaccinations and legal assistance such as birth registration and family mediation. Their crèche enables young mothers to follow training courses and find work whilst their children are looked after.

Local and national advocacy is a large part of their work, promoting and protecting the rights of single mothers and their children. The “Mums Online” project raises the voices of unwed Moroccan mothers through social media and internet radio.

Mothers can also take part in textile and sweet-making professional training programmes, which are directly supported by local employers, and a cooking school and catering service, to help increase their employability.