COVID 19 continues to affect us all in different ways. More and more children are being placed in care because of families’ financial hardship, and a rise in sexual and domestic child abuse along with increased difficulties in accessing healthcare is threatening the world's most vulnerable people. The pandemic has stretched resources further than ever, and funding has been hit hard putting pressure on charities to do more with less.

That’s why we’re asking for you to support our Christmas appeal today.

$25 could help ensure children are kept in safe, caring families and not forced into institutional care, by supporting our kinship care work.

$50 could mean that more children get access to high-quality support services, by supporting our work on practice exchange for professionals worldwide.

$100 could help reduce the risk of children experiencing sexual abuse, by supporting crucial prevention programmes.

$150 could help families living in hardship because of COVID-19 by providing food, hygiene supplies, vaccination awareness programmes and travel to vaccination centres.

Help us do even more to bring hope to children and families in need!