An explosion in Beirut, Lebanon has devastated the city.

Over 130 people have been killed, thousands injured, and hundreds of thousands more have been left without a roof over their head, including many children.

Our local Changemakers have been working with children and families in Beirut for many years, and are now seeing an unprecedented need for critical help.

Your donation will help the people of Beirut today, paying for support including:

  • Food
  • Items for babies (nappies, milk, wipes etc.)
  • Emergency bedding
  • Disinfection kits

Please donate now.



Why we need your help

Lebanon was already in a precarious situation following Covid-19 and a struggling economic climate. Now things are even more difficult.

Yasser Daoud, a Family for Every Child Changemaker in Lebanon, says:

"The port and surrounding neighbourhoods are now a wasteland of devastated buildings and crushed vehicles. With smoke still rising at the blast site, rescue workers are digging through the rubble in search of victims trapped underneath."

Please help us meet the urgent and basic needs of families who have been affected directly by the explosion by providing them with basic tools and materials to enable them to restore what has been lost by the explosion.

Our promise to you

Our vision is a world where every child can grow up in a safe and caring family. With your support we have helped changed the lives of many vulnerable children and their families – that will always be our priority. We know that you want to change children’s lives and expect us to spend your money wisely on behalf of children and their families. We also know that media coverage on how charities spend your money can sometimes be unsettling.

That’s why we want to share our promise to you- please read it here.