Millions of families are in desperate need as a result of Coronavirus in India and Bangladesh. A lack of oxygen, medical care and income is destroying lives at an unprecedented rate.

Our local Changemakers have been working with children and families in the region for many years, and are now seeing an urgent need for critical help.

Your donation will go directly to critical front line support:

  • $25 will provide three N95 masks each for three children 
  • $50 will provide two PPE kits each for two essential services staff 
  • $100 will go towards food and essentials, vaccination awareness programmes, and travel to a vaccination centre for five families living in one of the remotest areas in India  



Why we need your help

The world’s largest Coronavirus crisis is plunging the most at-risk families in the region into even more dire circumstances.

Rita Panicker, a Family for Every Child Changemaker in Delhi, says:

“There are no words to describe the magnitude of human tragedy. Delhi has one of the highest numbers of covid positive cases in the country and the health care system has collapsed. The requests for support from families are increasing every day. Please help us.”