The idea of working on this theme was first discussed at the Assembly of Members in 2016 and a subsequent call took place to discuss ideas. Five members including First Step (Cambodia), Butterflies (First Step), (India), Muhammadiyah (Butterflies), Indonesia) (Muhammadiyah), and Voice of Children (Nepal) (Voice of Children) met in the Philippines in February 2017 for a practice exchange hosted by the Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA). Members took part in a practice exchange in Asia and began developing ideas for a Joint Action. With the launch of the 2017-20 strategy, and as some new members had joined Family, a survey was sent to all members in April 2017 to understand what work members were interested to do together in addition to the Joint Action in Asia. 

The members explored areas of shared interest, including a lack of clarity on appropriate responses for boys who have experienced sexual abuse, or who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour.

Further themes around sexual violence were identified eventually by the wider group of members focusing on different settings where children are affected by sexual violence. Some of the key ones are:

  • Social norms drivers to prevent sexual violence in families 
  • Sexual violence in religious institutions 
  • Problematic and Harmful sexual behaviour in children 

While 22 members are part of the wider working group, the members have gone into smaller sub-group based on their priority interest and joint actions, campaigns and activities.

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