We are committed to ensuring that the views and voices of vulnerable boys and girls are heard by decision-makers.  Our strength lies in our participatory research; in consulting directly with the children and families that we work with. Their opinions inform our work and advocacy decisions.

Latest Child participation Reports

Digital storytelling for transformation

Between 2014 – 2018, Family for Every Child implemented two phases of a project using digital storytelling for transformation (DST) to explore the meaning of family. This report provides an evaluation of the impact that the project had on the children as well as outcomes for staff and member organisations.

VIEW REPORT: Digital storytelling for transformation

Losing the Care of a Parent

This report explores what the family means to children and adults in eight countries using the digital storytelling technique.

Digital storytelling uses storytelling methods to gain deep insights into feelings and experiences. Participants create individual stories about aspects of their own lives using still images and sound. Stories range from the positive aspects of family life to physical abuse neglect or exploitation, which led in some cases to children running away from home to a life on the streets. The stories contained in these films highlight the importance of listening to children to both inform policy change and inform individual support needs.

VIEW REPORT: Why family matters to me