Our virtual ‘Life During COVID-19’ exhibition brings together visual art and the written word, with contributions from 101 children from 15 countries. As well as giving these creative young people a chance to share their talents, it shines a light on the emotional impacts of the pandemic and other challenges.

The gallery – which is now online at gallery.familyforeverychild.org – can be enjoyed by young people, children and adults alike. For those who contributed, it was an exciting opportunity to express themselves and have it seen by a global audience.

Some artworks highlighted how children felt protected by their family. Others referenced their positive experiences within temporary shelter homes where they were being looked after by teachers and other professionals. Whatever the message, we’ve been able to give children an opportunity to make themselves heard during this challenging period in our history.

Visit the ‘Life During COVID-19’ exhibition

Anne-Marie Barry from Family for Every Child said, 
“Because we’re a global network, we’ve been able to amplify the voices of children from different contexts around the world. While some of the pieces talk about difficulties and negative emotions, there are others that really highlight children and young people’s resilience and hopes for the future, too.”

The virtual gallery looks just like a real-life exhibition, and you can walk around and explore the artwork at the click of a button. At the time of writing, it had already reached hundreds of thousands of people via social media – meaning these budding artists are making waves around the world!

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