This report documents a 22-month longitudinal study of the reintegration of children in residential care in Moldova. This research was carried out by Partnerships for Every Child, a Moldovan Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO), with the support of Family for Every Child, a network of national NGOs.

The overall study – which also examines the reintegration of street children in Mexico and of child domestic workers in Nepal – aims to identify successful elements in strategies to ensure the sustainable reintegration of children without parental care by examining the reintegration process over four phases.

Moldova leads the region in the proportion of its children living in residential care: 2.2 per cent of boys and girls live without parental care, with over 6,000 in residential care and more than 10,000 in family-based care (out of a population of approximately 750,000). Loss of parental care is caused by a complex array of underlying and immediate factors, which are detailed in the report.

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