This report documents a study of the reintegration of child domestic workers in Nepal. There are an estimated 1.8 million child labourers in Nepal, 361,814 of  whom are child domestic workers.

Whilst child domestic work (for children under 16 years) falls under the ‘worst forms of child labour’, as defined by Nepali legislation and therefore illegal within Nepal, in practice the law is applicable only at the institutional level (where there are more than 10 child employees, e.g. for factories or companies). This makes it very difficult to take legal action against employers since child domestic work is part of the informal sector, taking place in homes rather than institutions.

The research was carried out by a Nepali nongovernmental organisation – CWISH – with the support of the international network Family for Every Child. This study is part of a larger threecountry study, which examines the reintegration of street children in Mexico and children in residential care in Moldova. The overall aim is to identify successful elements in strategies to ensure the sustainable reintegration of children without parental care by examining the reintegration process from its initial preparatory stages through to after children have returned home.

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