Family for Every Child is a global alliance of national civil society organisations working together to improve the lives of vulnerable children worldwide. We are striving to do international collaboration differently and shift the power to local organisations. Our Board is made up of trustees elected from and by our membership, and co-opted trustees, who bring complementary skills to ensure a complete skill-set on the Board. 

We are now looking for a co-opted trustee with the following experience and capability: 


A general communications expert; someone familiar with behaviour change campaigns, social media and engaging the media. You will help guide us in developing our brand, building our profile and getting the voice of our members and children they work with heard.  You will give insights into how to forge successful campaigns and mobilise support, how to position ourselves as a positive disruptor of the status quo. You will advise us on how to influence others and engage them in social change, and to be part of making the world a safer place for children.


A digital expert; someone who is savvy about how and where tech can really enhance virtual working and support collaboration, mobilisation and social change.  We are a fully virtual organisation, connecting staff and member organisations globally through digital technology and holding all our meetings online.  We have invested in community learning platforms, online events and campaigns, however, we recognise we could be even more effective and that there is emerging technology that could be a game changer for us.


All trustees need to have the following:

  • Understanding, or commitment to acquire an understanding, of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trustees of a UK charity.   Acceptance of these duties, responsibilities and liabilities, and a commitment to operate within them.
  • Good, independent judgment and the ability to operate at a strategic level.
  • An ability and willingness to work as a part of a team and to support the staff team.
  • Understanding and empathy with Family for Every Child’s vision, mission, values and beliefs.

Trustees should collectively bring to Family for Every Child a skill mix appropriate to the governance of the organisation.

Experience of working with or on a Board, whilst desirable, is not an essential requirement.


Our Board is international and we wish to continue to strengthen this aspect. Trustees can be based in any country in the world. We are actively looking for trustees who bring diversity to our Board, and who can enrich our governance by bringing different perspectives and experiences. 

English language is not a requirement for trustees. Family will provide interpretation support to enable effective participation in Board meetings. 


Please see the Role Description for full details of the duties and responsibilities. 


How to apply

If you are interested and feel that you can contribute to Family’s mission, please email your CV and a letter explaining why you would like to join the Board and what skills you would bring, to [email protected].  

Deadline: 1 November 2020