Interagency collaboration for better integration and reintegration of children on the move

Family for Every Child is implementing an exciting new 3-year project on integration and reintegration of children on the move between the Middle East and Europe, funded by Comic Relief. This project will be led collaboratively by an inter-agency Steering Group of organisations, including Family for Every Child’s Secretariat and member organisations in Greece and Lebanon. A wider inter-agency Reference Group will engage in the learning aspects of the project. We are currently looking for experienced individuals and organisations who are interested in being involved in the project.

Worldwide, the number of people moving has increased but the global response is not keeping up. Governments are increasingly pursuing strategies that promote returning children to their countries of origin regardless of whether or not they are safe. Therefore, understanding what works when reintegrating these children upon their return is essential.

For many children on the move who cross borders as migrants or refugees, returning to their communities of origin is either against their wishes or best interests, or is not possible. It is therefore also crucial to focus on integrating children into new care arrangements and host communities. However, there is very little learning and guidance on what works.

This collaborative project focuses on both integration and reintegration of children on the move in the Middle East to Europe regional corridor; particularly countries significantly affected by child migration such as Lebanon and Greece.

The project works in two phases:


Practitioners will be supported to review practice and existing research, share lessons, and generate new knowledge. New knowledge would include consultation with those with lived experience of the issues.

Tools and Guidance:

Phase 2 builds on this learning by developing new tools and guidance for practitioners, helping them to improve services and advocate for change more effectively.

Learn More and Express Interest to Join Steering and Reference Group

For more information, please read the Project Brief here and the Expression of Interest in joining the Steering Group or Reference Group here.