Over 11 million children are estimated to be living on the street in India. With the general population in lockdown, they are no longer receiving donations from passers-by. Our member organisation in Delhi, Butterflies, responded immediately with an emergency food programme.

Through our local member Butterflies, we’re providing 700 meals a day to feed these children throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

 Rita, CEO of Butterflies, said:

“The situation for children living on the streets is unimaginable. With no work, no money, no food; we have been given special permission to go out and serve hundreds of meals every day.”

Butterflies has also been able to staff a 24/7 emergency hotline for street children in crisis, giving them a crucial lifeline at a time when the advice to ‘stay at home’ simply does not apply.

We desperately want to continue and expand crucial work like this through our Coronavirus Emergency Response Programme, operating with 40 local organisations in 36 countries worldwide.

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