Thousands of children are amongst the 36,000 people living in the crowded refugee camps in Greece, which are estimated to house over six times the number of people they were created for. In these conditions, the arrival of Coronavirus will be devastating.

Our local member organisation METAdrasi is providing temporary homes for many of these refugee children who arrive on the islands alone, often having lost a parent on the dangerous journey.

Since Coronavirus has emerged, METAdrasi has developed remote education for child refugees living at the homes, so they can continue to learn and prepare themselves for a better tomorrow. 

As part of their Rapid Response to Coronavirus, METAdrasi have also created a crisis hotline for children who are alone in Greece and need support. In many cases, they are homeless – so the official advice to “Menoume Spiti” (Greek for ‘stay at home’) simply doesn’t work. The phone lines provide advice and support with the help of interpreters who connect them with professionals in METAdrasi’s team; at a time where access to information could mean the difference between life and death.


We desperately want to continue and expand crucial work like this through our Coronavirus Emergency Response Programme, operating with 40 local organisations in 36 countries worldwide.

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