Christmas is a time for family. But there are millions of children worldwide who will be spending it without any adult support. And unfortunately Covid-19 means that even more will be left without the warm glow that togetherness brings. That’s why, today, we are asking for you to support our Christmas appeal.

Your donation would be a real difference in this difficult year. For example:           

  • $100 could help pay towards a community awareness campaign on covid-19 prevention and response to help prevent the spread of the pandemic amongst vulnerable children and their families
  • $150 could pay for personal protective equipment for project staff working with children and their families
  • $200 could help pay towards our members providing temporary accommodation to homeless refugee children
  • $250 could help equip shelters for trafficked children with protective masks and sanitiser

Help us do even more to bring hope to children and families in need this Christmas.



Kamini Rana