Country: Egypt 
Established: 1988 

A little hope on the streets

Hope Village Society (HVS) cares for children in difficult circumstances, orphans who have been abandoned and those deprived of family care, especially street children.

HVS aims to ensure that all children can enjoy the right to a childhood in a safe, permanent and caring environment, free from poverty, violence and exploitation.

Their mission is to provide vulnerable children with social and economic assistance and help them build a promising future.



HVS advocates for the rights of all Egyptian children and provides care and shelter to children until they are able to provide for themselves.

They rehabilitate and reintegrate children through social, psychological and behavioural support and professional training; conduct scientific research on the phenomenon of street children; provide technical help and training to other NGOs through a research and training department; provide small loans for the families of street children, and integrate the children back to the community.

  • Hope Village is currently working to open their 14th reception centre for girls – including young street mothers who are often victims of sexual and physical exploitation.
  • A recent micro credit project provided small loans to up to 1,200 families in one
    of the slum areas of Cairo called Ezbet El Haganna
  • HVS are working to add sports and arts as another main pillar in their
    rehabilitation of the children.
  • HVS reception centers are a primary contact point between street children and HVS; they welcome about 100 children every day