How We Care is an innovative initiative for those working with children and families across the world, to help them to learn from other practitioners. Family for Every Child’s Member organisations work in diverse regions and contexts globally. On these pages we will showcase a variety of their practice, in order to generate learning and exchange across the Alliance and beyond. 

Below you will find themed packages of material based on our Members’ work. For each theme we will showcase a range of that work, the models of practice and tools that Members use in their practice with children and families, through multimedia formats. You will be able to read about, listen to discussion on, and watch videos explaining the steps our Members have taken to develop their practice. You will also learn about how they implement it, and considerations for adapting it to other contexts, and you will be provided with clear and practical takeaways.

A new themed package will be released three times per year. The engaging and accessible material will be built upon by a live online event after each package has been released, joining practitioners from within and beyond the Alliance in discussion about How We Care for children and families.

Theme 1: Sexual Violence