Country: United States of America 
Established: 1975 

Stabilising young lives

Legal Services for Children (LSC) provides free representation to children and youth who require legal assistance on matters including immigration, guardianship and education, in order to stabilise their lives and realise their full potential.

All children deserve safe and stable homes, where they have access to educational and health opportunities. LSC represent children in guardianship and foster care cases to ensure that they have the stability they need to thrive.

Children and youth cannot reach their full potential if they live in fear of detention or deportation. LSC represent children in immigration cases to ensure that they can remain in a safe place with access to opportunity.

LSC believe that school discipline is a major driving force in the inequitable educational outcomes faced by low-income children and children of colour. They represent  students in the Bay Area of San Francisco in expulsion hearings, in order to ensure access to education and to work against educational inequity.


LSC believe that legal interventions alone are ineffective to change the lives of their clients.

Through a holistic team approach, utilising legal advocacy and social work services, their goal is to empower clients and actively involve them in the critical decisions that impact their lives. This interdisciplinary model ensures that their clients’ physical health, mental health, educational, and other needs are met so that they can recover from trauma and truly flourish.