Many countries around the world look to the United States as a strong example of a well-functioning foster care system. 

Local experts Amelia Frank Meyer - CEO of Alia, and Jennifer Daly - practicing Attorney at Family for Every Child member organisation, Legal Services for Children discuss the lessons learned and challenges within the system, as well as the innovative approaches being used to further strengthen foster care.

  • System challenges such as the need for a stronger focus on prevention, family strengthening and keeping families together, including within the extended family
  • Implications from Alia's recent social return on investment study
  • Recent moves to improve the foster care system in California with the passage of Continuum of Care Reform. This reform provides the statutory and policy framework to ensure services and support provided to youth and their families is tailored toward the ultimate goal of maintaining a stable permanent family, and reduces reliance on congregate care.
  • Innovations generated from Alia's initiative in fourteen U.S. counties

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About the presenters

Dr. Amelia Franck Meyer, LISW is the founder and CEO of Alia: innovations for people and systems impacted by childhood trauma. Alia is building a Proof of Concept that public child welfare agencies can serve as primary prevention agencies with a newly redesigned purpose of keeping children safe with, not from, their families. 

Amelia’s 30-years of experience and change efforts have not gone unnoticed. Amelia has received numerous awards for her work in permanency, wellbeing, systems change and innovation. Most recently, Amelia was named one of People Magazine’s “25 Women Changing the World” in 2018. 


Jennifer Daly is a senior attorney and Dependency Project lead at Family for Every Child member, Legal Services for Children Legal Services for Children (LSC).  She has 20 years of experience working with youth in various capacities. Jen’s work at LSC has been focused on bridging the information gap between direct service providers and policy advocates and assuring system accountability.  In addition, Jen maintains a high level of expertise in a broad range of legal issues that impact the lives of foster youth in order to provide training and technical assistance to others practicing in the dependency field.