Who: This is Lora from Greece.

Having worked with refugees and asylum seekers for over 20 years, she was deeply concerned by the gaps in support for child migrants. It meant vulnerable children weren’t able to get the help they so desperately needed. 

What: Lora founded a charity to make change happen in her country. Called METAdrasi, it is now part of the global network of Changemaker charities we support. 

METAdrasi provides refugees and asylum seekers with help that no other organisation has been able to offer before. 

This includes temporary homes, education, interpreting, legal advice and foster families for children who find themselves arriving in Europe completely alone.

They have helped thousands of children. Children like Nadia, who lost her family in a shipwreck whilst fleeing Syria. She was provided with a place to stay, access to education, and legal support to help her become settled in her new country – a place where she is finally safe.

The Family Difference: As part of our global network, METAdrasi is now partnering with other Changemaker charities we support in Turkey and Lebanon, so they can learn from Lora’s experience to help Syrian refugees in their own countries.

METAdrasi has also been a leading voice in our Childhood on the Move campaign. This has brought them together with other Changemakers from our network to demand better rights for child migrants worldwide.

Now, as part of Family, what Lora’s learnt in Greece is changing children’s lives around the world.

Learn more about METAdrasi at www.metadrasi.org.