Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live in a house in Rome called a ‘Casa Famglia’ where they take care of us until we are able to find our own path and take care of ourselves. I live with other immigrants in the same situation as me. I share my room with a Tunisian named Ridha. I live with people from all over the world, including Africans and other Albanians.

What makes you happy?

Cooking makes me happy. I really enjoy cooking and serving the food I make for other people. It makes me happy to be able to cook good food and serve it to other people knowing they will like it. 

How has Programma integra supported you?

Programma integra has hosted me and given me useful information about good training courses and how to find a job.

What’s your dream for the future?

My passion is to be a chef – but not only a chef, a professor at a university too. I want to be able to share my knowledge with the next generation and open my own restaurants. My restaurant name would be ‘Madagascar’ and Mediterranean food would be its speciality.  

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