Terra Dos Homens (ABTH), Brazil, has had a busy few months. During the carnival period they organised an awareness campaign against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Members of staff handed out carnival glasses at Tom Jobim International Airport which encouraged passengers not to turn a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of children.

Valeria Brahim, ABTH psychologist and Social Programs Manager, said: “This sort of information campaign needs to be carried out systematically at tourist entry points such as ports, airports and hotels, in order to educate people to this problem during the carnival period.”

On a lighter note ABTH’s local Roots Program held a carnival ball for children and adolescents. The ball was developed during the week with the collaboration of children, teens and educators in the making of accessories (masks, necklaces and rattles). Fourteen children (2-7 years old) and 20 adolescents dedicated themselves to the making of instruments that gave rhythm to the dancing. The interaction of young children with adolescents provided an afternoon of fun and celebration marking the beginning of the Carnival festivities.

ABTH Executive Director said: “Carnival is time to celebrate and enjoy. During this period all come into the party mood. The sound, the joy and the excitement was stamped on the face of each participant who took to the streets of Mangueirinha community.”

Finally, ABTH has also carried out the training of workers in Alagoas in February. This was the 5th stage of their Childhood Rights Program: Coping Corporate Program for Sexual Exploitation of Children. The program was developed by ABTH to enable effective action in coping with juvenile sexual exploitation, through awareness, education and training of workers.