We are pleased to welcome Taller de Vida (TdV), Colombia, as Family for Every Child’s 16th member and as our fifth member in the Americas, joining Brazil, Guyana and Mexico. TdV works with children affected by the civil conflict in Colombia, striving to prevent them from being recruited by armed groups and rehabilitating former child soldiers.

TdV brings expertise on the devastating consequences that civil conflicts have on children to our network. It will share its experiences on changing attitudes towards former child soldiers and on reintegrating them into society.

Colombia’s five decades of civil war between the government’s forces, paramilitary groups and guerrilla groups has put many children at risk, with an estimated 11,000 recruited into armed forces, and many others suffering from violence, attacks against their homes and schools, and demobilisation and separation from their families, as well many children having been severely injured or killed.

Organisations such as TdV play an important role in creating safe spaces for children that have been put in danger by the civil conflict in Colombia or who are at risk of being affected by this conflict. They help children and teenagers reintegrate into families and societies, and work to prevent children from being recruited as soldiers.