To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the UNCRC and the fifth anniversary of the Alternative Care Guidelines, member ChildLink organised a week of celebrations. A Children’s Day was organised with children. The children marched in the streets of Georgetown to raise awareness of the importance of preventing child abuse, empowering children and ensuring their safety and care.

Chanting ‘we are the future… stop child abuse now’, the children demanded that appropriate care and protection for children be prioritised nationwide. They were joined by their families and by non-profit organisations from Guyana, the EU Commission and community members.

The march concluded with with celebrations and a public panel discussion in which children, their families and community members talked about why child rights, care and protection matter to them. Members of Guyana’s Child Protection Agency and of the Ministry of Human Services, UNICEF, the European Union, Family for Every Child and countless civil society partners also joined the discussion.

The day was an opportunity to officially launch a series of digital stories, developed by ChildLink’s Child Ambassadors in conjunction with Family for Every Child’s project “Tell us about your family” digital storytelling project.

The week of events forms part of ChildLink ongoing national advocacy work which culminates in a series of advocacy events and high level meetings around care and protection issues in Guyana in December.