We, Family for Every Child, believe that family matters. That a safe and caring family is what gives a child the most stable start in life and equips a child with the right tools to live a fulfilling life. But the reality is that too many children are deprived of this fundamental right. They live on the streets, they have to work, they are neglected, exploited and or abused. This happens everywhere in the world.

We have asked many children what they want. Their answers are clear: they want to grow up in loving, permanent families. Keeping families together should be a priority. More support must be provided for those who need it. We want to take our local experience, our diverse contexts and our solutions to make this happen on a global scale.

Join us today on the International Day of Families to convince the world that family matters. That we can come together and make it a global priority. That together we can ensure that all children’s right to a fulfilling and happy life, and a loving family is protected. We can make this happen together. Tell others that #familymatters. Tell us why family matters to you.

Children tell us what ‘family’ means to them here>>