• Application and shortlisting

Submit your application by the deadline given in the advert. Shortly after the deadline, we will shortlist all applications against the essential and desirable criteria in the job description. We will contact shortlisted candidates to invite them to interview. 

We may need to do some preliminary research into the viability and costs of employment in the country you intend to work from. We reserve the right to withdraw your application at any point of this process if it is established that we cannot employ staff in that country, or if the cost of employment is prohibitive. We may ask candidates to confirm or clarify their right to work in the country that they intend to work from. 

We receive a lot of applications, and we cannot respond individually to all candidates.  If you do not hear from us, a few days after the deadline, please assume that you have not been shortlisted. 

  • Interview and test

We hold interviews on Zoom, an online video conferencing software.  You will be sent a link to join the meeting. Please find a suitable location for the interview: somewhere with a reliable internet connection where you will not be disturbed.  You should use a computer (not a mobile phone) if possible, and you should test your headphones, microphone and webcam in advance. 

You will be interviewed by a panel, usually including the line manager, the Head of Team and the HR Manager. Interviews last 45-60 minutes and you will be asked questions about your experience and your suitability for the role, and a question about safeguarding.  We may also ask about any personal arrangements relevant to your ability to work from home, such as your home office set up and childcare arrangements. 

We also usually ask candidates to take a test as part of the selection process. This might be preparing a presentation to give during the interview, or submitting a piece of writing before the interview, or carrying out a task on Word or Excel under timed conditions immediately before or after the interview. 

  • Decision

The panel will discuss the interviews and tests and come to a decision.  In some cases, a second call may be needed, which could be an interview with another panel, a call with the CEO or relevant colleagues, or a follow up with the line manager to clarify expectations of the role. 

Starting from the UK salary range advertised, HR will determine the salary range in the country of employment, based on cost of living and local market rates.  The point in the salary range that the candidate is offered will depend on their experience. 

As soon as possible, the preferred candidate will be offered the job, subject to pre-employment checks  (e.g. right to work, satisfactory references, and police report if applicable). 

Once the preferred candidate has accepted, the unsuccessful candidates will be contacted. The unsuccessful candidates may request feedback on their applications.  Their applications and personal data will be kept on file for six months and then deleted in accordance with data protection regulations. 

  • Starting work

We will agree a start date with you.  We aim to carry out all pre-employment checks before or shortly after you start. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer or terminate your employment if we fail to get two satisfactory references or if any concerns emerge during the pre-employment checks. 

We will arrange a laptop for you and discuss any other ways we can support you to establish a good home-working set up. 

If you have any questions about the process, please email [email protected]