Who: This is Rita from Delhi. 

After witnessing the struggles faced by street children in her country, Rita decided she had to take action.

What: Rita started a charity – called Butterflies – to support children living on the street in India. Now Butterflies is part of the global network of Changemaker charities we support. 

One way they change lives is by breaking the cycle of poverty that street children face.

Children living on the street have no address, which means they cannot access traditional banking or financial support. Therefore, despite working hard to save money, they are always at risk of losing it all – making it impossible to work themselves out of poverty.

To tackle this head on, Butterflies developed a unique bank run for – and by – street children.

The bank gives street children the opportunity to open a savings account. It also provides them with the chance to help run the bank and to learn key skills including bookkeeping and team work. And, of course, it keeps their money safe, so they can create a better future for themselves.

The Family Difference: Rita is passionate about the difference being part of Family has made. 

She says, “By working together we achieve more. Family for Every Child brings experts from across the globe together to share knowledge, skills and resources; and we are creating a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family.”

By connecting Rita with our network of Changemakers, we’ve enabled this model for children’s banking to spread to other countries, such as Ghana and Nepal. 

Rita’s very special bank truly is an example of a local idea that’s so good, it’s gone global.  

Learn more about Butterflies at www.butterflieschildrights.org.