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A Community of Practice on therapeutic approaches to working with families was led by JUCONI and involved six members between 2014 and 2017. The goal of this community of practice was to raise awareness of the impact of family violence on child development and the link between this and the challenging behaviours that can result from it. This would promote the uptake of therapeutic approaches and home-based services that prevent violence occurring in high-risk families, and heal and strengthen marginalised children and families affected by family violence to reduce the risk of loss of parental care. This working group has roots from this initiative and the interest shown other members to continue.

Individually all members in the group have some form of therapeutic work in their work with children and families, while others have well-developed therapeutic approaches like JUCONI, Mulberry Bush, ChildLinK, CPTCSA, Paicabi, Enfoque Niñez and Butterflies. Some examples of members' work includes:

  • JUCONI have developed their own therapeutic model working with children and families experiencing violence. They led the ‘Safe Families Safe Children Initiative’ and host a regular international congress on different aspects of research relevant to a therapeutic approach.
  • The Mulberry Bush School has recently set up the ‘International Centre for Therapeutic Care and publishes the Therapeutic Care Journal to share knowledge about therapeutic residential and foster care for children and young people and to support the use of reflective practice and research, in order to improve service quality and ensure excellent outcomes. In September 2019, they hosted a conference in Birmingham UK, where Juconi and Mulberry Bush presented their therapeutic approaches. 
  • In a webinar, Butterflies has shared their Social case work methodology that they have been successfully developing over the years and using it in their work.