Country: UK


Established in 1870 and started as a refuge home



Champions for Children with Complex Needs 

Together Trust has been championing the needs of, and caring for people with, complex needs for 150-years. They are a leading disability charity in England, and help children, young people, parents and carers by delivering individualised care, support and education. The communities they work with may be experiencing emotional, behavioural and social difficulties; physical disabilities; learning difficulties and autism spectrum conditions.

Together Trust offers over 40 different services across the organisation, and reaches thousands of people each year across their programmes. This includes services aimed at ensuring every child has a caring place to call home, by offering flexible support services for families, and alternative care solutions such as fostering and residential care where required. Other key areas of support include special education, therapy programmes in schools, short breaks for families, and community services. They also advocate for positive change in their local and national communities. Learn more about their work here.


Together Trust takes a person and family-centred approach, taking the time to get to know the people they support and support them with care, support and education programming that matches their needs.  Their work is also trauma-informed and community-minded.