Photovoice: helping migrant children make their voices heard

Today we are seeing an unprecedented movement of people around the world – many of them are children.
Whether displaced, migrating, returning home, living on the street, fleeing conflict, or moving for work; children on the move are more vulnerable to dangers and difficulties on their journey. Family for Every Child’s members around the world are working tirelessly to change the lives of children on the move.
In this webinar, hear how two of Family for Every Child’s member organisations, Legal Services for Children (LSC) in the U.S. and Fundación Junto con los Niños (JUCONI) in Mexico, collaborated on child migration advocacy using Photovoice to engage children at different stages of their migration. 

Photovoice is a way for children to express their feelings and stories in a way that can enable them to participate in discussions that affect their lives. Read more about Photovoice here: