Here are a few inspiring quotes from our supporters:

"I was bought up in an abusive home by both parents. I lived in Islington, London. Yes, there is the poverty of food, clothing, housing, education, work etc, but the greatest poverty of all is the poverty of love. This poverty I experienced first hand for the first ten years of my life. I was put into a children's home for five years, up to the age of 15. My poverty without love taught me there must be a better life, a real hope for living. The children's home gave me those incentives and thus a vision for my future. I am married and have been for 40 years; time flies by when your enjoying yourself! We have a son aged 36. We are supporting 3 families around the world, all of which are wonderful people serving God in very different ways. Their countries are Ghana, the Philippines and Pakistan. I joyfully help because I know what poverty is in all its aspects. I have very much shortened my story but hopefully it will inspire those who read it that no matter how dark the night is, the light of day always follows. Love and blessings to all." - Edward

"Simply put its the right thing to do."

"I was first introduced to Every Child as it was then, by a colleague in the 1980's. I was struck by its focus on individuals and how donors got to know the child that they supported, so I started to contribute. I have watched the organisation develop and broaden its work, but never losing sight of the importance of family and local support. I am continually inspired by the individual stories and the innovative ways the charity finds to work to meet the needs of the people in that place, rather than in a generic way. Out of all the charities I support, Family for Every Child is the one I have chosen to leave a legacy to, because of its unique approach and good use of funds."
"Every person has their own stories, whether about getting a fortune or joining a group or an organization that supports communities. I have my own story too. I am an international student who came to study in New Zealand in 2020. During my first week in New Zealand, I met these two young people who were doing a volunteering appeal to the public. I was on my way from Uni to my accommodation. It happened that I came by, and the two were standing where I will be waiting for the lights to turn green to cross the road. It was while waiting that one of them talked to me about Family for Every Child. I never heard or read about this organization in my life. That day I was so tired from a trip to the museum. I sign up to avoid further conversation because I was too tired to stand for another minute. That person told me to cancel the signing if I am not ready. After a month, I decided to continue with the support because it is better to help those children rather than wasting money on unnecessary stuff that might not worth it. What inspired me the most is that I am reaching out not in person but through my support with the little I have, which I know will bless someone who has nothing. I am part of a team that saved children globally."
I have been a supporter since the 1960s when the horrific pictures were broadcast on TV of the Romanian orphanages and the dreadful conditions in which the children were kept. I am also appalled at the thought of children being trafficked. Hence I continue to support Family for Every Chid because of the excellent work being done to give children worldwide a chance to belong to a loving family.
I have seen the results of lack of medical attention to the health and development of children in various parts of the third world from ringworm and eye complaints to stunted growth as a result of malnutrition .
I have a family of my own and want to help other families who dont have the resources that i had
I am a Christian and a chaplain working on the waterways of England, helping people with medical issues, poverty problems, addictions and loneliness. I think it is a privilege to serve and share. I have been fortunate enough to lecture on medical matters in many parts of the world. This has inspired me to help where I can.
Every child deserves to have a good life
I once worked with EveryChild country office in malawi.. the project office was and Bulala in Mzimba and mdolera in dowa for 7 years. I developed a passion for children every after closure of offices. I was working as a Sponsors Reltation officer. Since then i established a very small ngo working in the same area in Bulala of which we are targeting children and elderly
We love children and want to see them thrive and achieve their dreams.
I think there is a lot of good to do in this world. So personally, I want to start acting upon that. If we start now, the benefit of impacting more peoples lives expands tomorrow.
I am a mother , grandmother and great grandmother
Quite simply all children need love and support to be able to grow and mature into responsible and fulfilled adults, that is to achieve their potential. The best way for this to happen is in the protective environment of a loving and caring family focussed on their well being and development from infancy to adulthood.
Every child deserves a good life.
I spent 2016 living and working in Ghana for an amazing charity tackling child slavery called Challenging Heights. Family For Every Child, of which we were a member, provided me with the most amazing network of passionate, professional change makers, each and every one of them making a tangible difference to the lives of the most vulnerable children all around the world. I hope to see FFEC grow to have even greater impact in the years ahead.
The fact that I myself have been in similar situations as the many children around the world, poverty is no new friend of mine. But by random acts of kindness during my ordeal I managed to pick myself up and survive for as long as I have. Throughout mankind's ordeals with life parents will always strive to give the best for their children and that's the survival instinct. If I play it forward then I'll be helping someone else's family so in turn I mostly do what I do out of love.
Every Child in this world has right to live better life same as us. you never know who's gonna be our next Legend. ( My Life works On the Motto Called (REACH ONE, TEACH ONE). Hope that Sums up. Not a Great TALKER
The love for kids definitely is what inspires me, kids are angels of God.
I worked with children for six years and was able to connect with them through language teaching, and it has always been a relationship of exchange and learning on both sides. I soon believe that I have experience and the ability to be useful in the lives of the children in the project
Being a mother myself, and a Christian, I want to help other children have the life that mine can have.
I started by supporting the Romanian Orphanage Trust many years ago. I trained as a teacher of Domestic Science which includes parenting and childcare.. I have always been aware of children who need more care although I do not know why. M husband and I became foster parents for a period until he died unexpectedly, about 10 yrs. I continued to support as Every Child developed into it's current world wide of many ways and ideas for supporting and encouraging our worlds young people to be the best they can be.
If we improve the life of a child we improve the life of future humanity
I just think what if I’ll be one of them and feel the same they are feeling now. So I just wanted to bring my best foot forward to help these people.
Care for people vulnerable needing help.