By uniting our skills and knowledge, we achieve greater change for children and families worldwide.

Specifically, we aim to achieve five goals:

  1. To enable children to grow up in permanent, safe and caring families;
  2. To ensure a range of high-quality, appropriate alternative care choices for children;
  3. To take steps to prevent children from having to live outside of any adult care, without the care of families or other carers; and in the interim, to protect these boys and girls;
  4. To promote better and more participatory decision making about children’s care;
  5. To build strong child protection systems which strengthen families and promote quality care for children.

How each of our 5 goals targets a significant issue:

1. Safe and caring families

The problem: Too many children live without their parents or without a family

These children often end up in residential care, working, in detention or on the streets. They are less likely to attend or do well in school, to have access to health and other basic services. As adults, they more also likely to be unemployed, to live in poverty and to be dependent on the state.

Our Goal: Enabling children to grow up in permanent, safe and caring families

Children should spend most of their childhoods in safe, caring and protective families. For this to happen we need to drive more efforts towards the prevention of family separation and the reintegration of children. We also believe that vulnerable families need support to be able to provide their children with adequate care.


2. Quality alternative care

3. Supporting children living independently

4. Better decision making

5. Stronger child protection systems

What we do: organising your content

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Content tips

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Focus on those who benefit by balancing your language towards benefits (what people get from activities) instead of features (we do this). You can use quotes to emphasise the benefit your services have on those you support.

<blockquote>We help people like Tommy escape the cycle of poverty through one-to-one training and mentoring by our financial experts.</blockquote>

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