Enfoque Niñez

Country: Paraguay
Established: 2005

Protecting children and adolescents separated from their families

Enfoque Niñez supports the deinstitutionalisation of children and developed a foster care programme as a form of alternative care when children need protection and cannot remain in the care of their own families. They prioritise maintaining links between children and their families with the ultimate goal of reintegration.

Comprised of a team of committed professionals with backgrounds in psychology, social work and law with local expertise, Enfoque Niñez believes that it is in children’s best interests to live in a family environment that promotes their development.


Enfoque Niñez is a rights-based organisation that uses research to influence others through seminars, training, advocacy and working with government and other stakeholders to bring about changes in policy.

The organisation has three main areas of focus:

  • Direct services including maintaining family links by promoting reintegration of children and adolescents back into the family of origin, kinship care or temporary foster care; and comprehensive care through a network of professional services that ensure access to health, housing, education and play. 
  • Training for professionals, civil society and the state within the framework of the Doctrine of Integral Protection and sharing the experience and approach of the organisation.
  • Impact on public policy from research, systematisation of experiences and processes, materials production, dissemination and sharing networks.

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