The Assembly of Members is the highest body in Family’s governance structure. It includes all of our members and is coordinated by the President. We meet every year in September to review our work and decide on the next steps.

The current President of Family for Every Child is Rekha Nathoo, Director of the CINDI Network in South Africa. As The President of the Assembly, Rekha is mainly responsible for ensuring that the governance responsibilities of Family’s members are met. She also represents the alliance at external events.

Rekha is Family’s first President, elected in 2014 by all the members of Family. Rekha has a passion for child rights and has worked in the HIV/AIDS and children sector since 1992.

She is a specialist in Community Development and Adult Education and has a Master degree in Adult Education. Her diverse experiences include her work as a Training Coordinator for DramAide, an AIDS education project, as a Training Specialist for the Provincial Department of Land Affairs, KwaZulu-Natal, Coordinator of the iNdlovu Partnership for Lifelong Learning and as a lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Centre for Adult Education. She has also worked as a Project Manager for the iNdlovu Partnership for Lifelong Learning.

She has been CINDI’s Director since 2009, an organisation that she joined in 2006 as Project Manager for their Child Advocacy Project (CAP). CINDI is a children’s sector network of over 200 organisations working with orphaned and vulnerable children and a valuable member of Family for Every Child.